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Hans Butzelaar, born in Amsterdam in 1945, has always had an interest in the visual arts.

In his youth, until the age of 22, he actively painted and sculpted. Throughout his career he has collected paintings and on his many travels around the world, he always found time to visit a museum or gallery.

Upon retiring in 2000, he picked up his old love of visual arts and began taking classes in sculpting and painting, trying to develop his own style. Studying his favorite artists (Nicolas de Staël, Otto B. de Kat and Modigliani) has given him inspiration, and aspects such as form, composition, structure and color are defined by his daily struggle with the canvas on the easel.

He does not attempt to deliver a specific message, but tries to create art which is appealing to the eye. His struggles are mostly of painterly nature: that transparent green, that beautiful faded blue against it, which shade of grey would fit best?

Lately, Hans’ interest in form and color are progressing more towards abstract art; he is in search of a style where abstraction and impressionism come together. All his paintings are beautifully framed by frames he has carefully selected. His favorite subjects are landscapes of Terschelling, southern France, polders, and the view from his studio, as well as portraits.

A subdued color palette characterizes his work.